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With respect to the consumers’ diet our target is to constantly verify the quality of our product through a complete control system in all levels. We aim to meet all possible demands for an exceptional olive oil in a wide range of countries. To achieve these requirements we apply strict regulations in terms of quality and safety control, with the respectively certifications.

Few words for the visitor…

We are grateful that we are cultivating this land and we are able to enjoy its products.

My grandfather had already planted these olive trees when he was a child, which then inherited by me. He taught me the olive tree cultivation and I learned from him all the secrets about the quality and the nutritional value of an exceptional olive oil.

One of my most important priorities is to continue to produce the same of a high quality olive oil like my grandfathers did and I will pass this knowledge to the future generations.

But most of all make sure that the olive oil which you will eat will be the extra virgin olive oil as it is produced directly from nature.


Exstra virgin Oliveoil


It is a combination of flavor – odorant sensations coming from healthy, fresh mature or aged olive seeds. The fresher the fruit the more intense the taste is.


It is a characteristic flavor derived from green olive seeds and it might have more or less pleasant taste, depending on the intensity. In any case the slightly bitter or spicy taste does not detract from the quality of the olive oil.


A positive property of the extra virgin olive oil. A good quality olive oil must leave a slightly hot note in the mouth which disappears some seconds after the first taste.

Chemical analysis report

Analysis of basic characteristics

Sample of olive oil that corresponds in thespecifications of exceptionally virgin olive oil,according to European regulation 2568/91 (withbase the parameters that were checked)







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